Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Week's Kickstarter: Scion 2E

Well this week's Kickstarter is for a second edition of Scion, once from White Wolf, now from Onyx Path. I'm a little interested as I always liked the concept, but I never bought it as it was another White Wolf game and I've never really liked the mechanics in those games. I'm a little more open minded these days so this one is on the "maybe" list.

Note about me and White Wolf: When Vampire came out we were heavily into the still-new D&D 2E and still having fun with Hero, GURPS, Mechwarrior, Rifts, Shadowrun and some other end-of-the-80's/ start-of-the-90's games. Playing a Vampire? Could be cool. Everyone playing a Vampire? Not nearly as cool. They always seemed to promote the game as playing all of the same kind of being even after they had 4-5 options. The all-dwarf party in D&D is something you never see - why play an all-werewolf party when we could have a wolf, a pair of vampires, a mummy, and a "created" - that seems like a lot more fun!

I know, I know.

They had the branching off of Adventure/Aberrant/Trinity which I wanted to like but could not. The setting had potential but the mechanics were just too blah. We're going to give up Champions for this? No!

Scion came out roughly 10 years ago and I liked what I read but not enough to dive into the game. No one else I knew jumped on it so it just floated out there as one of those "maybe someday" games.

Looks like they're changing up the mechanics for the better. The concept and setting seems to be the same.

The biggest difference now is that with the Apprentices I think I could pitch this as "Percy Jackson the RPG" and get some instant buy-in.  That means we would make some time to play and that makes it worth considering.

Bonus content
How I would run a traditional World of Darkness campaign: Hey, you want to play a bunch of vampires secretly running the city? We need something like Reign  to handle the various organizations/power groups. Heck, we could use the ole Illuminati card game to track this. Now we have a framework for something besides superpowered fist fights. Should be fun.

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