Thursday, February 4, 2016

Galavant! Season Two!

This is a very funny gem tucked away on ABC's Saturday night schedule. It's over now but you can catch at least a few episodes on the network site. What is it?

  • It's a very modern medieval fantasy show
  • It's a musical
  • It's funny
  • It's short - there are around 10 half-hour episodes per season 
I mentioned it last year but season 2 is even better. I think my favorite episode is the one where they encounter dwarves, and giants, and a dragon, all for the first time. It's not exactly traditional but it's a bunch of fun and I am not usually a "hey it's a musical - awesome!" kind of guy. It works very well here though.

If you like any significant percentage of what I talk about here then it's worth a little effort to track it down.

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Darnizhaan said...

"We had to eat hobbits!" Good show