Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RPGaDay - Day 5 - Most Recent RPG Purchase

Firing things back up after a break over part of the summer means checking out what's new with Pathfinder, so that meant picking up Unchained. I'll have a review down the road when I'm finished reading it but I'm about halfway through and so far I like it. There will be a lot of Pathfinder additions over the rest of the year as I do some catching up with some of the hard covers and the supporting books for the APs I intend to run.

A close runner-up (it arrived the next day)

This is a campaign book for Savage World that I have heard about for years but never picked up. Now I have and while I haven't yet read it (it's behind PF Unchained) Apprentice Blaster gave it a look and he is interested. It's a dark gothic future setting with some shades of 40K and Warzone and while I'm not sure how soon it will get played I wanted to add it to the Savage Worlds shelf regardless.

Other recent acquisitions include the monthly Pathfinder AP arrivals, Feng Shui 2, Age of Rebellion, and some PDFs for ICONS and M&M in the hopes that I will get to run or play some of them sometime soon.

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