Friday, February 13, 2015

40K Friday - Progress Report - Marines Marines Marines - and Harlequin news

The Eldar are on hold for a bit while I build out more of the marine armies but I am going to have to get that new Harlie codex at some point. I have 30+ of the originals running around here and now with some actual support it could be a lot of fun to play them solo. Meanwhile ...

  • The Dark Angel vehicles are all base coated and just need some detailing and clear coating to be finished. I decided after sitting on them for a year I really needed to get them table-ready.
Insignia not glued on, but that's the general idea

  • The chaos marines have been getting more playing time than painting time. I am also building a second force of Iron Warriors now (mostly from existing chaos marines) for Apprentice Who and I to share as my Nurgle Space Hulk force is just about complete. 
Couple of tac squads, helbrute, heldrake, probably some havocs, led by a lord and a warpsmith
  • The Blood Angels are coming together. I have the new codex, the cards, and all of the elements I need for the force I have envisioned except for one more drop pod. The main work now is building and painting them though quite a few are already painted. The main force is this:
    • Dante + Death Company jumping around the board (hammer unit)
    • Two small assault squads with all-melta, likely deep striking in (tank-killers)
    • Two tac squads with heavy flamer, flamer, and combi-flamer drop-podding in on Turn 1(enemy objective takers and loota-killers)
    • One Multi-Melta/heavy flamer dread drop-podding in (wild card to be used as needed)
    • Devastator squad in the backfield (objective holders who can contribute to mid-field battle)

Depending on point levels there might be some scouts, small tac squads or another devastator squad or some terminators in here as well. HQ's were going to be a pair of sanguinary priests joining the tac squads but if I do I have to drop the squad down to 9 men to fit everyone into the pod and that means I lose a flamer. I may be OK with that but I haven't decided yet.  

I really like the Blood Angels' vehicular options - Baal Predator, fast vindicators - but for this force I don't really need any so that may be part of a later expansion of the boys in red.

Next time: More progress then the February Big Battle Report

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