Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wrath of the Righteous - Session 4: A Light in the Darkness

Our Heroes (now level 2!):
  • Relyn Steelguard, Paladin of Iomedae
  • Graidin Cratchet, Wizard
  • Arken Surien, Cavalier of the Order of the Lion, in service to Queen Galfrey of Mendev
  • Jaren, Dragon Sorcerer 
  • Phalcon, Cleric of Erastil (who is not present for this session)
We begin in the room of the two cultists. After the fierce battle in the last session, a fair amount of time is spent sorting out who is where, searching these rooms, healing, determining who has a light source (the sorcerer and the cleric both have spells, others have torches), and generally getting back on track. Phalcon, Anevia (NPC ranger), Horgus (NPC merchant), Aravashnial (NPC wizard), agree it's best to wait here while the others investigate the rest of the mongrelman lair for cult activity.

Moving back into the room of the cave lizard fight the heroes try another door and find a bow-wielding mongrelman in the room beyond. They rush him and he is quickly overwhelmed.

In this room is a trap door and with absolutely no stealth they drop down into another well-defended guard post. The two mongrelman guards call for aid and two more rush in, making for a good-sized fight in a small-sized space. The wizard uses Daze to good effect while the sorcerer goes old school and kills 3 with his spear while the cavalier and paladin charge in.

Investigating further, the party moves in and surprises a human woman - clearly some kind of cult leader - and her tiefling bodyguard in her quarters. A fairly tough fight follows where the cult leader - Hosilla - and the paladin and the cavalier take turns scoring vicious hits then missing completely but eventually she falls, and her bodyguard doesn't last much longer. The subsequent search of her room yields magic scrolls, potions, wands, and a very well-made wooden case - inside is a very fine blade: Radiance, a magical sword once wielded by a famous heroine. Relyn takes up the weapon, instantly knows he has something special, and a bond is formed.

They also find a letter from one "S.V." to Hosilla giving her orders - now thwarted - and mentioning three safe houses used by the cults of Deskari and Baphomet in the city. Armed with this information, our heroes are eager to return to the surface and take some kind of action to try and begin re-balancing the scales towards good.

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