Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wrath of the Righteous - Mid-Summer Update

Looking back it's been a while since I updated this. I'm going to have to do some catch-up session summaries. We've played 16 sessions, the PC's are running 5th-6th level, and are a few sessions into the second adventure in the series. It's been a lot of fun so far and I see no reason for that to change. We've been on a pretty steady every-other-week schedule for the last few months and though it seems so basic it's really one of the keys to keeping a campaign going.

Some details:

  • Mythic Power - It definitely gives the characters more options but it does not seem overpowered so far. There are echoes of 4th edition in some of the abilities too, which is a little fun. They are only at the lowest tier of Mythic right now so this could change dramatically. Coolest thing so far: Mythic Web adds spiders - biting spiders - to the regular Web spell and that was a nice little wrinkle to a spell we all know so well. 
  • Mass Combat - Another attraction to this campaign is the chance to lead an army! The built-in use of the mass combat rules from Ultimate Campaign makes for a nice change to traditional combat encounters or general hand-waving of the clash of larger forces. There are mechanics and numbers the players can affect with their character actions and so far it works well and plays fast.
  • Adventures - Both of the adventures so far have an excess of NPC's. They are presented logically and there are reasons to include them, but I still think they can easily turn into a DM distraction or crowd out the party. The first adventure throws them in with the party similar to the characters in a disaster movie. You don't get to pick your companions when escaping from a natural disaster and it does make sense in that view and switches things up from a more typical party-only dungeon crawl. I still kept them in the background as much as possible. The second adventure does a similar thing but since they're leading an army anyway I embraced the madness and let them bring along whoever they wanted as far as NPC's - what's one more at this point? The scenario and the encounters and the adventure as a whole are still great and I will make sure my PC's are center stage regardless. 
Anyway, I'll put more detail into the individual session write-ups as I get to them. More to come!


Simon Gaudin said...

this is an adventure path I intend blending into one of my campaigns so its interesting to see how it runs as it reads like a good adventure

Blacksteel said...

We're all very happy with it so far. I'll try to get some posts up starting next week.