Thursday, July 24, 2014

Distraction of the Week - Deadlands!

I talked to the boys about working in some RPG time beside our miniatures and boardgames and asked what they were interested in. There are always superhero options but this time Shadowrun and Deadlands both came up big. Something with magic and guns both that's not strictly superheroic was mentioned in the conversation.  I still like Shadowrun but I've been thinking about doing some more Savage Worlds and decided it was a better fit for now.

I've had the game for years and only run a few sessions. maybe this time we can string together a whole adventure. I decided to run some published stuff to begin and as I figure out what they like I can mix in more of my own.  I do like the plot-point campaign approach so I may end up sending them into The Flood if this goes well but with Red heading for college in a month I don't know that we will hold together that long. It could be a very long campaign if we only see him on holidays.

Going back through the original edition material has been a lot of fun. I needed to brush up on my Deadlands History to figure out when I wanted to start things. I'm still working on it. Right now I'm looking at the old stuff and they're thinking up characters. First session will happen next week sometime.

I also finally managed to pick up a copy of Hell on Earth Reloaded. I'm about halfway through it and so far I like it. I don't think we have room for two side games but with an introduction to the mythology through the Weird West, I suspect a visit to the Wasted West would be welcome too.

It's yet another setting I love but have not spent nearly enough time actually playing. Maybe that will change now. I'm a sucker for the post-apocalyptic game anyway but this one is a little different and runs on a very playable system ... we will just have to see.

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