Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weird Wars Rome - Hardcopy!

The physical copy of Weird Wars Rome for Savage Worlds has arrived and it's very pretty. I didn't spring for the big poster map in the kickstarter but I did go for the screen, and that's it at the bottom of the picture.

Legion structure and ranks is not something you would see on a screen for most games but it makes a lot of sense here. It's the now-standard hardcover material so this screen is pretty stout, not the spiral notebook cover cardboard of the old days.

The front has a nice illustration that very effectively conveys what the game is about and I like it.

Besides the screen the main book is nice too. It's a matte finished hardcover but it's a smaller than the previous Savage Worlds hardcovers I own. It feels good in-hand though so I don't see that as a flaw.

So ... some RPG Kickstarters work out just fine - no massive delays, no drama, no broken promises. I'm pretty sure this is or will be available on store shelves too so if you're interested in the subject, take a look. My detailed thoughts on the content are here and having the physical books in hand only reinforces my positive impression.


Anthony Emmel said...

Very nice! I wasn't playing SW when the KS was live. I'll have to see about picking this one up.

Of course, this is a Kickstarter run by an experienced company and not a bunch of amateurs from their garage.

Lloyd Rasmussen said...

I think the screen is the perfect size, I will probably use it for everything.