Monday, January 20, 2014

The Thousandth Post

According to Blogger this is my 1000th post on the blog. It took me a little over 4 years to get here which averages out to around 4-5 posts per week - not bad for a run that long. I started posting with the idea that this was mainly for me - a journal of whatever I was interested in and doing right now game-wise. I've stuck to that pretty well and I don't really feel any need to change it. So expect things to continue pretty much as they have been. I'm still playing around with the look of it from time to time, but the stuff I am posting probably will not change a great deal.

As of right now, Pathfinder and Warhammer 40,000 are the most active games here, with 4th Edition D&D and D&D Next both in a holding pattern. The only other not-so-active game I'd like to get going again is some kind of supers RPG, even if it's less frequent than the "main" games.

To those of you who read and left comments - thank you! I like having a little interaction on here.

To those of you who just read it occasionally - thanks to you too.

To the "regulars" who have come and sometimes gone - thanks a bunch for keeping it lively.

I wonder where I'll be in another 1000 posts?


Tim Shorts said...

Congrats on M. Here's to another M. That would give you M&Ms. Can you tell I'm getting tired? Seriously though, great accomplishment sticking to it for that long of time.

Barking Alien said...

Bully good sir, bully I say! Capital job. Just capital.

No idea why your 1000th post warranted colloquialisms from the late 1800s but it did. So there.

Congrats truly my friend. Your blog is a favorite of mine even if and when we don't enjoy the same games, twice as much when we do.

You are also, quite simply, a good guy.

To a 1000 more. Cheers!

WQRobb said...

Congrats, sir, and keep up the good work!

Blacksteel said...

Thanks Gentlemen!