Monday, October 22, 2012

M&M Anniversary Edition

Looks like they're doing a special 10th anniversary edition of Mutants and Masterminds:

Kickstarter (of course) is here

Now I like M&M, I like Supers gaming, and there are some interesting stretch goals (though I am not impressed by the copy of 1st edition as one pledge bonus) and I thought I would share. Aside from this there a ton of RPG kickstarter projects out there - the news section of ENWorld on any given day seems to be filled with them - and I wanted anyone who cares to know that I'm not going to mention all of the ones I see or am even halfway interested in. I will only be mentioning the ones that are really relevant to the things I talk about on the blog - stuff like Stark City for Icons and this super-golden edition of M&M. I think the only downside to the 2012 kickstarter invasion of the RPG world is that everyone thinks they have a funding-worthy project, making it hard to keep up with the things that interest me amidst the avalanche of announcements.

Also - yes, the Power Profiles series (above) continues and is still quite handy, especially for newer players and some tricky concepts.

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