Friday, October 26, 2012

40K Friday - Old School 40K

I came across this while organizing my 40K stuff. It's pretty old, I believe it's from the original Space Marine Paint Set from the late 80's. Anyway, let's explore:

Introduction - where they mention a much more complete guide that you can purchase at your FLGS - and a Blood Angel. Look, white undercoating! Still a better choice than black when you plan to paint red or yellow  marines!

Space Wolves and ... Salamanders? You know when they showed up in the 3rd Edition Armageddon codex I really did not remember them from earlier versions but hey - here they are! This is a time where the Dark Angels were still black, so the sammies filled the slot of "green marines" I suppose. Still white undercoating here though I would use black for gray marines and maybe even for the green.

Look, an early example of weathering! We're still in the Rogue Trader days here and you saw a lot more of this kind of thing than you would when we hit 2nd edition, though it has come back around since. We see our first black undercoat here and it makes some sense for blue.

That's about half of this little book and probably enough to pore over for one post  - I will post the rest up later.

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Chris Wellings said...

I still have this little gem - I used the recipes in it to good effect on some Hasslefree Grymn.