Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Update

Well we didn't get any RPG time in this weekend, partially due to kid discipline - don't do what you're told, I'm not running D&D. Yeah, it's a weird place to be but hopefully it will be effective.

While they were busy finishing projects and homework and not playing D&D, I was busy reading our newest   acquisition - yes I went ahead and took the plunge. So far I like what I see with one large note: The figures in this box are far less flexible than the ones in the 5th edition boxed set. This one comes with Dark Angel Space Marines and a Chaos force of marines and cultists, and if you don't play one of those two forces then you would be better off buying the rulebook by itself. More on this on Friday's post.

Also this week: reading more classic Champions stuff, 50 Fathoms, and trying to get the main D&D game up and running again. Fall is tough with all the kids school stuff but we will get it started again one way or another.


Hedgehobbit said...

Can you buy the mini rulebook by itself? The hardback rulebook is just too big to carry around. As for the boxed set, I'm only interested in the cultist minis from the boxed set and only because I could use them in the RPG.

Blacksteel said...

They don't usually sell the mini book on its own, but they are not hard to find on ebay.