Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Slowdown

We had a pretty good run for June & July but as we close out August things have been pretty light in the gaming department around here. I haven't run anything in about a month and I am feeling it.

  • I downloaded the latest D&D Next playtest pack and I haven't even opened it. Just not feeling it right now.
  • Picked up Civil War for MHR right before the move and I have yet to finish it. I can't seem to sustain my focus on it and while it's a pretty lengthy document it's one I was waiting for! Hard to say what's up here.
  • I picked up High Space for Savage Worlds which looks pretty promising but it's kind of been lost in the shuffle here.
I've mostly been reading old school Champions and old school DC Heroes which are unlikely to be the basis for a sustained campaign anytime soon but they are pulling in my interest so that's where I've been spending my time. BA's August of Star Trek has had me cracking open the old ship manuals and other books too, which isn't helping.

The only thing we've played is Battletech and it appears to be a hit with two of the Apprentices - I'll call that a win but it doesn't scratch the RPG itch. They are asking about playing the RPG version so I've dusted off Mechwarrior 3rd edition and skimmed it and as much as I liked it 10+ years ago I'm thinking Savage Worlds, Traveller, or even GURPS would be more to my taste now. It's looking like a research project for the near future. 

Not running the 4E game for over a month and the release of what is likely the final book for 4th Edition (Menzoberranzan) has me fighting some apathy there too. I don't normally care a great deal about whether a game  is "dead" or not but I'm feeling it a little bit this time. The new house combined with the start of a new school year has me feeling the urge to cut ties with the old and start something new which is a good way to annoy the players - I'm fighting it guys, let's not panic just yet. I'm not feeling the whole fantasy thing right now so Pathfinder and old school D&D and Next are all gathering dust too. It's more of a genre thing than an edition thing.

A lot of this is the move - most of the boxes have been emptied, but not all, and that has taken up a lot of time. As we move into more of a routine then I expect things will start to get back to normal. This weekend we should have time to play a few things, especially with the holiday on Monday so I'm going to let the Apprentices pick what they want to do. More to come.

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