Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy-Way-Out Friday - Bookshelves

Awhile back commenter "Mick" had asked for some "bookshelf porn" after the move. I've been involved in some interesting things before but that was a new request. Anyway, I hope this is what he meant:

Those are the D&D 40K, and Shadowrun shelves. The one thing I haven't found a home for yet is the magazine collection. I do have some room left but they take up a lot of space and I tend to refer to the Dragon Archive CD for the older stuff and for 4E they're all digital anyway, leaving just the 3E versions where the hard copies are the go-to resource.

The Battletech shelf - books & binders only for now, the mini's are still TBD as far as a permanent home. Also some of my older boxes are out on the table as we've been using them to learn how to play. The simpler 3025 era is much like Basic D&D - not as many options but it's where we started and it's still a lot of fun to play. Note: The drill is not typically part of our Batteltech game - that was just a convenient open flat spot.

The Deadlands/Gamma World/Savage Worlds/Lords of Creation/Feng Shui shelf. Man those Deadlands book shelves are visible for quite a distance. Lady Blacksteel (hi dear) specifically asked me not to put those on the tall shelf on the end that's visible from downstairs - those colors really draw the eye. Yes, those are Battletech mini's on top of the non-battletech shelf - don't try to figure out my system, it works for me. Besides, there's a drill in the way on that other shelf. I've been thinking about letting the Apprentices try out Lords of Creation so it's in a more prominent place than it has been in the past. Of course, so is a lot of the test of this stuff, as in "not in the garage".

...and then these 3 shelves are pretty much the rest of it. The near shelf is Every Major Superhero RPG Ever Printed I Think (on the top 4 shelves) plus Star Trek (on the bottom). The next one has some boardgames & wargames plus all my Star Wars RPG stuff. The far shelf has WFRP, Twilight 2000, Traveller, Rifts, and some other games.

You may notice that I have "multiple copy disease" - I don't necessarily need two copies of "Keep on the Borderlands" or "Denial of Destiny" but I do like having two or three copies of the main rulebook and sometimes major supplements too, like the magic book or cyberware book for Shadowrun. Anyway, I have enough space now to handle that a little easier.

Things not included: as I mentioned above a lot of my game magazines are not on a shelf yet. Most of my miniatures are not on a shelf yet and some of the miniature rules & supplements aren't either. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but it's a problem I can live with.

There's also a TV with the videogames hooked up and a computer desk with a PC for the kids too. It's a nice open area with plenty of room, so we can put up a folding table and play something and still have room for other people to do other things. Hey, they called it a "game room" - I'm putting as much game in the game room as is legally allowed.

I expect that a year from now this arrangement may look quite a bit different but for a month I'm pretty happy with it. My next quest is to find a better place for the big box games on top of the shelves then purge the remaining moving boxes from the house and make it look like we actually live here.

EDIT: I missed a shelf when I put this one up - I also have one more with the "spaceship game" rules on it. It's mostly Star Fleet Battles/Federation Commander with some B5/Battlefleet Gothic/Full Thrust as well. Yes, there's more unorganized miniatures and junk on top of it too - this is still a work in progress.


MIK said...

That's an impressive amount o' Deadlands books!

Blacksteel said...

I think that's all of them. It's all of the HOE books for sure, and I believe I have all of the Weird West books too other than a few of the dime novels. Sometimes I realize I have most of a game line and go on a completionist binge to get the rest. I thought I was past it but I think D&D 4 is the next target.

Paul Schaefer said...

Wow. I think you have more games than I do. And they are definitely better organized.
As a collector, I must insist you check out my obsession :)

I really need to get some bookshelves.

Mick said...

Hey Mick here, thank you for considering my request ahah! Grea collection you have there, it's probably twice mine!
I miss less than 10 supplements and my Champions collection is complete as well (hard to find modules anyway like Wings of The Valkyrie).

Blacksteel said...

No problem, it's an easy enough post to make and might encourage someone else to hang onto their stuff - there is hope! Plus I may want to revisit this in a year or so and see what has changed.

Back before the lady and I got married I was in a house that had a living room with an entire wall of built-in bookshelves (which held my "normal" books), an office with a wall of built-bookshelves (RPG's), and a separate workshop which I split between car stuff and miniatures & boardgame stuff. It was a cool setup for a single dad with multiple hobbies, but this place is even better.

My Champions 1st-3rd is close, 4th is lacking a few, and 5th is lacking a few as well and that's where I'm drawing the line - no 6th for me. Well, not right now anyway. I think we all know how this works ...

Mick said...

Indeed I do, sigh. Anyway I am not into 6th as well, yet there are so few manuals one might give it a chance if one can find a wholesale lot of 2nd hand books :).
Might I dare ask you if you find one of my missings for cheap in some 2nd hand comic book store to pick it up? I could send you cash with paypal or whatever in advance?

Mick said...

Right now I am missing

* Champions (1st Edition; 64 pages stapled)
* Champions (2nd Edition; 80 pages stapled, came in a box with dice, a street map and a sample adventure)
* Champions (3rd Edition boxed; 96 page stapled rulebook and separate 40 page stapled campaign sourcebook)
* GM Screen (1st Edition; has "KDamage" column in Strength Chart)
* GM Screen (2nd Edition; has yellow "Revised Edition" splash on one of the panels)
* Wings of the Valkyrie
* Lands of Mystery

Then I am done :)

Blacksteel said...

I'll keep an eye out as I make the rounds of the used bookstores around here - don't worry about $$$. If I find something I'll let you know. On the 2nd edition are you looking for the whole box or just the book?

Mick said...

I guess the box would be much much better as this is for collection matters :). I also just realized I only have the Espionage books without the container box, I will dare be completely shameless and add this to the list :)
You are really saving my day, here in Italy is completely impossible to get those books!
Cheers from a fellow Herophile.