Friday, June 1, 2012

A Super Status Summary!

  • ICONS Team-Up is now due out in June and I will happily download it on day 1. More ideas and rules options are always welcome for a game we play regularly.
    See what I did there? Man I used to love these!
  • Marvel Heroic: Civil War is the first big campaign release and Cam Banks has said (recently) it's scheduled for 2nd quarter (rules were Q1, then one event book for each quarter after that for the rest of 2012) We're ready for it - we just need the book! Q2 normally is Apr-May-Jun so I'm hoping the books are making their way through various transportation systems now.
  • M&M: the next big thing is the Emerald City Boxed Set which is supposed to be out for Gen Con - look, old-school is not just for D&D anymore! I'll consider this pretty strongly but I'm not sure how much I will use it. I might have to "break it up for parts" - for Atomic City. Then again the Apprentices might be ready for a separate M&M campaign with maps and online support.
  • Champions: The current state of Champions isn't great. The company cut way back late last year and I see they're now doing a kickstarter to fund a Villains book and a reprint of one of the core Hero books! I know kickstarters are a hot thing right now but I think that's a bad sign. If they were trying to do some big boxed set of Millenium City or some super-deluxe edition of the rulebook I would be less concerned. On the other hand it is how a lot of modern board wargames are funded so maybe some smaller RPG's will end up going a similar route. I'd hate to see Champs fall out of print, even if the current edition isn't my favorite. Editions come and go, but not having a rulebook on the market can be a big problem. I'm crossing my fingers that things improve for them.
  • BASH - I didn't think here was a ton of new support out there for it but there have been some adventures and villain collections released this year on RPGNow. I was thinking I'd like to see another Basic Action Magazine as that seemed to be a good way to keep new ideas flowing into a central source and look here - #6 just came out yesterday! I really have to find time to work this in.

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