Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Quick Hits

  • Despite 4 years since the release of 4th Edition, the most computer-friendly ruleset mechanically (and despite its reputation as an MMO-emulation game) we so far have zero computer games based on it. The only thing even on the horizon is Neverwinter, and it has been delayed and gone quiet to the point that it smells like vaporware to me. We will see how it goes but this is a surprising state of affairs to me.
  • Speaking of computer games I am playing Diablo 3 and besides being a lot of fun it is Baldur's Gate-like in a noticeable way: NPC interaction. You can have one NPC along most of the time and they will talk to your character about different things, some of which are pretty funny. When you pick up a second NPC - giving you 3 characters in the party - there is even more conversation as you explore or fight and it is a lot of fun to observe.
  • I have introduced the Apprentices to the D&D Next rules and characters and they immediately identified it as a Basic D&D game replacement without any input from me. We will be trying it out this weekend. Here's another chat about Next.

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