Friday, May 25, 2012

Special Bulletin

HA! I am the Destroyer of Fridays
You know, it's a good problem to have but it's kind of a pain when a bunch of interesting stuff comes in at once. Working from home on a Friday before a holiday usually means there's a little less going on but in my case all kinds of fires have been springing up taking up a lot more attention than expected.

First off, yes, I have my packet. No I haven't read the whole thing. I will read it this weekend. The playtest agreement is a little weird in that you're free to discuss it and all but everyone in the group is supposed to sign up for it to be able to play. Have to see how that goes.

Second I have a game to run tonight and while I have all of my notes ready to go I was planning on doing some final tuning and realized that the monsters I was planning to use in the first encounter don't quite match up across editions (I am converting an old adventure), meaning a last-minute scramble to figure that out instead of reading through Next.

Third, sometimes you run across a wonderful deal that's too good to ignore and it impacts your plans. The used bookstore is running their usual sale this weekend and it started yesterday. Last night I happened to spot this: a net 1/3 of the new cover price. I had been holding off on this edition but at that price, well, I have painted armies gathering dust and I do like to play it ... Sold! Problem is it's almost 600 pages long. That's going to take a bit of time.

Oh, I was thinking about entering the world of Diablo 3 this weekend. Heh. Still might, have to think about it.

Also in the computer department there had been some discussion with the Apprentices about pushing some characters to new levels - that may be slipping away now with this sudden deluge.

I also have a new pile of classic Champions stuff that I was going to read (they're pretty thin compared to modern gaming tomes) and then write up some posts.

I'm steadily closing the few gaps in my 4th Edition collection. Couple of new books to read there too.

We're still playing around with ICONS and M&M too, so more stuff to write there, and I was trying to get through some more classic Iron Man comics for fun and blogging as well.

Plus I was thinking I could finish painting up my 40K Crimson Fists army.

Sure. That's aaaaaall going to happen. Even with a 3-day weekend I'm now in the position of [Interesting Stuff > Time Available]

I do have some extremely rare solo time for part of the weekend. No kids usually equals getting more done but that solo time is a currency I like to spend very carefully. I'm not sure how it will end up but reading Next is a fairly high priority. I suppose next week's posts will help convey how it turns out.

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