Monday, May 21, 2012

The ICONS Character Folio

I picked the Folio up on RPGNow back when I first got into the game and then kind of forgot I had it. It's not like rolling up an ICONS character takes a long time, but the program does make writing up an existing character easier and the output is slick. I'm hoping it gets updated when Team Up is released. Here's Aluminum Man, who I posted about last year.

I am very pleased with the output of this little gem. Yes, you can change the font for the character name. Little touches like that make a big difference to me as I am a font addict in a big way. There are different options for the type of sheet as well, but I kind of like the official one. The character portrait comes from Champions Online which is now a) Free to Play, and b) rather cartoony which fits the ICONS style very well. When you create a character for the game it automatically saves a picture just like the one above so you could design and save numerous characters for tabletop games without worrying about limited character slots in the actual online game. If you're not up for that don't forget about HeroMachine which is a handy alternative.

I wish we had something like this for more games. I know about Hero Lab which is the big dog in this field but it's probably more than most games need. I've been considering it for M&M but I haven't yet decided if it's worth it for a part-time campaign. There's a substantial price difference, but beyond that I like the idea of designing the software for one specific game, ensuring minimal clunkiness for the user.

I'll be playing around with this some more and seeing what the Apprentices can do with it too.


bliss_infinte said...

I agree! The Icons character folio was a great purchase. It's something like $10 if that and makes coming up with characters easy and a blast and the output format is great.

Blacksteel said...

Yeah, it's a cool thing to have - not necessary as I've been running games with the Apprentices for about a year now without it - but it's fun to play with it and the output makes me look dangerously close to professional.