Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 24: Share a PWYW publisher who should be charging more

I do not consistently pick up anything from any PWYW publisher so I do not have a perfect answer for this question. There is one small publisher that I have consistently purchased from so I'm going to talk about them: Fainting Goat Games

Mostly I know them as publishers of a lot of interesting little adventures for ICONS. Now they do work for other systems as well but ICONS is the one I use them for the most. The "Improbable Tales" series is almost completely great - an interesting scenario, stats for everyone and everything in the adventure, ideas for leading into the run, and ideas for follow-ups. They're roughly 20-30 pages long and cover some classic comic book situations.

They did a series of individual characters in a couple of different lines - Space Supers for cosmic style games and Justice Wheels for more typical four color games but with each one featuring  character who uses a vehicle.

They also did a city and cosmic setting supplement for ICONS under the Stark City line. If you're hunting for a setting or just want something to steal stuff from they are quite useful.

Anyway, that's my nomination!


Adam Dickstein said...

This question makes no sense. It technically impossible for a pay what you want publisher to not be charging enough.

If they were charging a set price, and was low compared to the level of quality, I would understand that.

These publishers are saying, "Pay what you feel it is worth."

Are we saying they should be asking us to pay more than we think its worth? Is it that we think the amount we think its worth isn't enough?

I officially detest this question as someone who teaches children to read.

Blacksteel said...

Well you can see I didn't really follow the question and I agree with your assessment - particularly the "teaches children to read" part, LOL