Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beginning of May - Around the Tower

The brain -dump post - you have been warned!


  • Deadlands continues on it's once -a-month schedule as planned. So far so good and it's been a lot of fun.
  • M&M Time of Crisis is on hold until June as College Red is busy with the local Renaissance Faire. No worries as it opens up a weekend for experimentation with things like Runequest or DCC
  • Those other campaigns on that left column are on a when-we-get-the-chance kind of schedule so they occasionally get played then go quiet for a month or two. 
  • Pathfinder: do not miss running it right now, still enjoy playing it. 

  • Looking Back - I had another flirtation with 4E a while back. Not sure we will be playing it soon but I still really like that game.
  • Catching Up - I've been picking up more 5E books. Still think the monsters are boring compared to 4E but I'm coming around on the game itself. I don't think the published AP's are going to do it for me - I'm going to have to make my own to give it a fair shake.
  • Wandering Eye - As I fill in some of those missing items I actually do read thru them - Bard's Gate, Call of Cthulu, Spycraft - lots of interesting games that may not get played anytime soon.

  • My dive back into Steve Jackson Games sparked my interest in Car Wars and Ogre so we may give those a try
  • Hoping to play more Armada in the near future
  • Need to find time for X-Wing too

Online Inspirations
  • I got back into Star Trek Online in March after a long layoff from the game. This has spurred an interest in all things Trek and I expect that to continue. It's eaten up a fair amount of free time too and I will try to re-balance that to at least get some more mini's painted. 
  • Dawn of War III just came out last week. I'm still getting my feet wet but at the moment I like it enough to want to see what comes next. 

The Future
  • 40k 8th edition is the biggest thing coming for me personally
  • I am interested in seeing what happens with the new Star Trek RPG from Modiphius. Still not sure about the system but I do want to see what they do with it.
  • I am also quite optimistic about Starfinder. What will they change? What will the setting be like? I'll be in for the basic book at least. 
  • Freedom City 3E! I kind of need this as that's where my M&M game is set! Been looking forward to this one for years!

  • Get a Savage Rifts game going at some point, probably late this year or next
  • Give 5th Edition an extended try out
  • Introduce the Apprentices to Shadowrun
  • Introduce the Apprentices to Champions
  • Run at least a short Star Trek RPG game
Heading into May means all of those end-of-school activities will be taking up a fair amount of time too. We will get through all of that and then hopefully June settles down a bit and schedules smooth out. 

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