Friday, September 16, 2016

40K Friday: New Books!

I don't have them yet and I've only seen pictures of the insides but at the very least we have some new formations for Chaos Marines and Blood Angels. I'm seeing mixed reviews of what is inside but I am willing to bet there's something interesting for both armies in each book.

That said I do not understand the reluctance on GW's part to just issue a new Chaos Space marine Codex. We're still using the one from 2012 which was the very first codex for 6th edition! It's the oldest current codex while the loyalist marines, eldar, and tau have all had two books in that time. New formations and some special rules do not fix the basic problems with the book as it is now.

GW is advertising a new combined digital codex for the Blood Angels but nothing about a new print version. I'd like to see that too but I'm not sure we will.

I get that there is a new additive approach now - instead of replacing a codex we're going to put out a campaign book that adds formations and characters to what's already there. It's not terrible but it does make things difficult for a new player. Pick Eldar you just need the one book. Pick Blood Angels you need two now to be  current. Pick CSM's and theoretically you need four (!) to have the full set of options. It's messy and I think a company at GW's level could do better.

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