Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Side Quests - The Old Republic's May 4th Celebration

I try not to shill too hard for these kinds of things but I've been getting back into SWTOR and they do have a nice set of bonuses going on right now:
  • Free droid pet - you'll have a collection of these fairly quick if you play regularly but one more isn't a bad thing
  • Double XP:  May 3rd through May 10th, then again from May 27th through May 30th.
  • Free level 60 character: Apparently if you start a free trial by May 30th you get an insta-60 to run through the current (and expanding) Knights of the Fallen Empire story. That's pretty nice.
Based on those perks, if you're at all interested in some Star Wars computer RPG action it's a great game with a great story for each of the 8 classes and it is completely playable as a free player. 


Barking Alien said...

I was a Beta tester and early subscriber to SWTOR, and lost interest really quickly. I tried to get back into it when they went free-to-play but it still didn't really hold my interest.

It's not a bad game IMO, but it's missing two key things. The PC species are waaay too limited for a Star Wars game. There are humans, funny colored humans, and humans with things on their heads. It's like buying the 64 box of crayons and only ever using black, red, and blue.

The other thing is, as cool as the setting and stories are, what I really want to play is movie era Star Wars, not they-made-up-there-own Star Wars.

I guess I'm just more of a Galaxies guy.

Blacksteel said...

I don't really disagree with you on these points but they are not deal-breakers for me. Jedi, the Force, droids, space fighters, the planets - there are enough elements carried over that it works for me. Oh - and the music! When get the closing scene of a story arc and the music swells as your character looks out of a viewport as the camera pulls back and a fleet jumps to hyperspace ... that sells me on it completely.

I like the movie universes just fine but I do think it's genius to set up something in the same universe but far enough away in some aspect that you are not limited by the movies and whatever other contemporary side-canon exists. You can take elements of those, riff on them, and do what you like without being boxed in.

I think a good online game could be made in the movie era but there would be far more constraints there than with what they're doing with the Old Republic. I'd like to see someone take another stab at something like Galaxies. I'm just worried that we're past the age of the big budget MMORPG and the closest we will get to it is Battlefront, which is not that close at all. I suppose if anything might get another shot at a big time online game, some form of Star Wars is a good candidate.