Thursday, January 21, 2016

40K Friday Special Edition: Eldar Battle Reports

Just in case there's anyone else out there interested in seeing how some other people are playing the space elves in 7th edition, here are some links to video battle reports I have found and enjoyed:

  • Eldar vs. Chaos Marines (Iron Hands) - I have an Iron Hands army too so this was fun to watch. Nice looking table, nicely painted armies.
  • Eldar vs. Dark Angels - I also have a Dark Angels army so this was another doubly informative report. Another nice table.
  • The Bellport Battle Bunker gives us 3 nice reports vs. Crimson Fists (another army of mine!) 
  • Skari has been doing batreps for a while now. Lately he's been running a combined Dark Eldar/Eldar force and it's fun to watch. 
  • Finally MiniWargaming has a really nice fight between Eldar and Necrons that is totally worth the time. These guys do a great job - even the room they are playing in is interesting.
So there are ten reports I found interesting enough to share.  Tomorrow: my own non-video battle report.

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