Sunday, August 30, 2015

RPGaDay - Day 30 - Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity

Oh please - the slow rise of D-list celebrity gaming is probably my least favorite development of the last few years. I don't care when an otherwise famous person mentions that they have played RPG's. There's nothing wrong with that. I just don't care much for the "celebrity gamer" thing. I like Wil Wheaton's Tabletop show, but I don't care about buying an RPG with his name on it just because his name is on it! I don't care about watching a video of an RPG session because of who is in it. I don't care about the latest OSR kerfluffle about who said what about who. None of it matters to me as a guy who runs and plays games.

If the #1 aspect of something RPG-related is who's name is on it then it's a problem.

If people get all excited because somebody famous "came out" as an RPG player, well ...

I'm sure it stems from D&D and the whole 80's nerd/devil cultist thing that blew up back then. I grew up with it and I don't feel some desperate need to force-legitimize the thing by trying to tie it to some famous person.

It doesn't matter.

Go play your game and enjoy yourself.


Anthony Emmel said...

Personally, the only problem I have with Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day is their self-appointed status as the King & Queen of Geekdom.

Blacksteel said...

Felcia Day I will say seems like she's making hay while she can after stumbling into a niche. I get that.

Wil Wheaton ... I don't have anything against him personally but I liked Tabletop because of the content, not because he was in it. If Burt Ward designs a Superhero RPG does that make it more legitimate or important than the next Steve Kenson game? Not to me.

In the end I'm just worried that people will lose focus on what's important - "is this a good game?" - in the rush to latch on to some kind of name.