Monday, December 1, 2014

City of Heroes - Second Anniversary of the End of Paragon City

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of the shutdown of City of Heroes. It was not a happy event, and a lot of players still miss it. Around here we still have the occasional "that's my next City of Heroes character" moments when something cool or funny crosses our path, but not as many as before.

I won't go on about it - I said my piece back before and after it happened. The most relevant post today is probably this one. As even tabletop games bring in more and more technology the specter of obsolescence in a far bigger sense than "hey there's a new edition" continues to creep in.

City of Titans continues.

Valiance Online continues.

Heroes and Villains continues.

Even the Hail Mary continues.

 Someday, we'll get a game that's as good as CoH even if it has some differences. There are too many people that loved it and want something like it for it not to happen. It may take a while - it has taken a while - but it will happen.

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