Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blog Status Check & Future Planning

After some time off, a few thoughts on the future of the blog:

  • After 4+ years I think the Motivational Poster thing has run its course for me, so for next year I'm going to let that go. I'll probably come up with some other regular funny thing but it won't be this.
  • January's theme will be catching up on Wrath of the Righteous. It's the one campaign I'm running consistently these days so I ought to be able to do session summaries for it. January is when I will post all of them to date, which will be twenty-something by then. 
  • I want to make 40K Friday a reliable thing. With some gaps here in our playing & painting it was not a regular thing in 2014 but I aim to change that for 2015. I intend to make miniatures games a more regular thing here in general with some interest in Bolt Action and a possible foray into Dropzone Commander next year. I expect 40K to remain the main game and hopefully that will keep the Friday updates rolling along.   

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