Thursday, October 30, 2014

Idle Thoughts - Old Superhero Figures

Sometimes I end up with a miniature that someone else painted and I wonder where it has been and what has it done. Some are painted expressly for sale, but some are clearly more refugees painted by someone to use, and then sold off at some later time. Most of the time these are D&D type fantasy or 40K miniatures but earlier this year I picked up a pair that are a little different:

I know they are 84-85 Grenadier figures, so I suspected they were from the Champions line but then I realized yellow-guy is pointing a power ring at someone and he is Green Lantern from their Justice League set. Regardless, I've had them sitting on my computer desk for a while and I wonder what their story is?

I mean, he's yellow! Was he a DC villain? Was he someone's Champions character who just liked yellow? What kind of powers did he have? You don't typically paint a superhero miniature without knowing who it's supposed to be, but these guys don;t come with a USB plug or a cloud link that tells me their story.

I have yet to figure out (heh) what set this guy is from, maybe the Champions villains set. He has a two-tone purple costume and even his oddly-shaped head is purple. Menatlist? Alien? Hero? Villain? I have no idea.

Now this won't stop me from using them for something, but it would be fun to know their prior history in some way. Even more fun would be to work it in to my own game somehow - "former heroes turned villains" etc. It's not like universe-hopping is an unusual thing in a comic book story.

Anyway, they had me thinking and I thought I would share.

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WQRobb said...

DC had a miniatures line a while back. They had JLA, Teen Titans, even the Watchmen.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the figure is possibly Sinestro or Brainiac.