Friday, September 5, 2014

More Fun With Amazon and 5E

So, this morning I decided to order the only other thing that is out for 5E right now, the first part of the big anti-dragon campaign. Jumped on Amazon, ordered placed, then I noticed this:

Hey now ... is that a glitch? We did decide to sign up for Amazon Prime a while back, but that's normally just 2-day shipping. There was an article I read that said DFW now has some same day delivery but could this be ...

Yep. So for $20 I picked out a full-color hardback adventure and had it delivered straight to the house the same day. I think that's pretty cool.

As for the adventure, well hopefully it's good and I can do something with it sometime soon. If not then I'll come complain about it on the internet like everyone else.

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WQRobb said...

My Amazon pre-order has yet to be released. I'm cynically wondering if, in four days, it actually is.