Monday, September 22, 2014

Current Events & Coming Attractions - Pathfinder, D&D, etc.

Felt like summarizing what's going on here game-wise:

  • Just ran the 18th session of the Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder campaign and having a ton of fun. The Mythic rules add a lot of options that feel a little like 4E powers and add a lot of flexibility for the PC's. There a lot fewer "can't do that" moments where important skill checks are failed, a big melee strike misses, or a caster doesn't have access to the right spell. I'm starting to think I might keep them around for any future PF campaigns for just that reason. The oldest characters just hit 6th level and are still only Tier 1 Mythic so it could get crazy later on but right now it feels more flexible, not so much more powerful numerically.
  • The "catch-up phase" of my Pathfinder experience is wrapping up. Lots of books on the shelf and PDF's on the tablet now. I've been trying to keep a rule of "no ordering the next rulebook til I've read the last one and it's worked fairly well so far. I'll probably have more on this later this week.
  • Reading the new D&D 5E big campaign book and so far ... I'm not all that impressed. Size-wise it's directly comparable to a single adventure path installment. It's nice that it's hardcover, but at $23 vs. $30 I don't think it's all that much better physically - though I have had AP's split their binding. Content-wise, I'm just not that excited about what I'm reading. I'll post something about this later too.
  • Refreshing my knowledge of Freedom City for a Mutants and Masterminds game coming up. It looks like I'm actually going to run some supers in the near future. Definitely more on that coming later. 
  •  Continuing to make notes for a "one of those days" Star Trek game. I don't know when or who will play, but I'm working on it. I've had notes floating around for years but this is an idea for a new run with a set scenario, not just an open-ended campaign. It could turn into one, certainly, but I think the only way I get people to play Trek here is to present set "missions" kind of like I did with Star Wars years ago. I'll probably have more on that once I feel like I have something worth sharing.  System-wise it's going to be LUG Trek as I want to give that system another chance. 
  • I'm also toying around with an idea for a D6 Star Wars game. I like Saga just fine but I'd like to give the older system a spin for the first time in a while and I have an idea that fits it well, I think. We'll see. 
Well, that explains the stack of books on the bedside table ... on to the next post!

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