Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RPGaDAY - Day 20 - Will Still Play in 20 Years

What was I playing 20 years ago? D&D, Mechwarrior, Rifts, Champions, some kind of occasional GURPS thing ... that's a very different list from now.  I can make some guesses though:

  • Dungeons and Pathfinders will still be a thing and we will probably still be playing it even as we approach retirement. Tenth Edition? Could be.
  • Some kind of superhero game will still be an option. Champions has managed to cockroach through multiple potentially fatal challenges, and as long as Steve Kenson is around I assume we will have some kind of M&M or ICONS to look forward to. By then maybe we will have a good, stable, ongoing licensed game for Marvel or DC. 
  • Maybe I'll finally have run through some of the Savage Worlds stuff by then. Necessary Evil 3 might be on the way then and I'll be looking forward to it. 
Whatever it is I wonder if we'll still be using battlemats and minis or if we'll be using holographic pieces like the star wars chess game? As long as I'm here I'll be doing it one way or another.

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