Friday, May 2, 2014

40K Friday Returns with Chaos Space Marines!

For May I'm going to get back on track with this because there has been some 40K activity here of late. First up:

 Back in November I put up a post about going with the white & green Death Guard scheme for my chaos marine force. I like the look of it but it is taking forever to actually paint, so I am probably going to throw in the towel and go with a more traditional slimy green with rust, bronze, and maybe some purple. This because 1) I can paint it faster, and 2) it's easier to integrate other painted Nugle-y units if I pick up something already painted. I'm experimenting with a lot of inks/stains/glazes and very little regular paint. So far I like the look I'm getting on the plague marines. I mean, green and purple - doesn;t that justlook like "chaos"? I have a solid idea for the bikers, havocs,  and the chaos lord (also Nurgle-marked) and I think a similar process in red would work for the berserkers I plan to add as well. I also have a solid plan for making the bases something different.  Once I have some finished units I'll put up some pictures but here's some work-in-progress for now:

Experimenting begins with the old fat plastic plague marines. This is a splash of old "Ork Flesh Wash" over white primer.
Now with a coat of current "Athonian Camoshade" over that

After doing 4 of them I am pretty happy with the way this look is coming. Now I have to decide whether to throw some Earthshade over that or focus on the details first. 
The colors so far.

For now the structure is the same as what I posted before: Nurgle-Lord in terminator armor with some terminators, sorcerer on a bike with a bike unit (all Nurgle), 2 squads of plague marines, a squad or two of normal CSM's, some missile havocs, some Khorne CSM's/Berserkers, some possessed just because I like the looks, and probably some helbrutes just because I have the models. I do have a daemon prince for them too but he will have to alternate with the bike sorcerer in a normal force org force.

The theme is that they're coming off of a space hulk and so have plenty of infantry, monsters, and even some bikes and walkers, but do not have big tanks and transports. That limitation may be just too crippling to keep intact but I need to play some games first to make that call.

More next Friday!

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