Saturday, November 9, 2013

Super Saturday

Three things today:

1) Starting off,  here's a nice update on Freedom City from the man himself:  Green Ronin Round Table

2) A new superhero RPG is out here. Now to go along with M&M and V&V we have P&P.  I don't have it yet but I'm thinking about it. It sounds like the mechanics are different enough to be interesting. If any of you have tried it, please comment!

3) And to round out a super-threesome we have a product listed in the "newest" list on DTRPG's superhero rpg section:

It's a printable map of a basketball court. Actually, it's half of a basketball court. You can go with hexes, squares, or nothing.

Now it's only $1 ... but it's a basketball court ... a flat piece of ground with some markings on it ... can;t you just draw that if you need one? Do the markings really matter when it comes to playing an RPG? Also, WHY WOULD YOU SPECIFICALLY MAP HALF OF A ROUNDBALL COURT? Wouldn't you make a map of a whole court for those who might need one (whoever that might be) and then if I only need a half-court I can just print out half of the map!

I'm also not sure how it turns up as a superhero game accessory unless everything tagged as "modern" automatically appears in "superhero" as well. I will say in my time as a player and a DM I've never needed a map like this. Apparently someone did at least once, but it mystifies me as to why I would buy one, even for a dollar.


Joe Bardales said...

I was born in New York City and spent a good portion of my life there at various times. The urban basketball court is an important part of the community. In addition to its intended purpose, it also serves as a town square of sorts - a meeting place where politicians give speeches, sports stars and rappers visit to give back to the community, and corporations sponsor events like slam dunk contests or, back in the day, break dancing contests). Superheroes, especially if they are from that neighborhood, might make public appearances there as well, and then it's only a matter of time before the supervillians show up to ruin the day. Half courts aren't uncommon either, especially in a city like New York where real estate is at a premium. So a street basketball court could become a battleground, and present some interesting challenges like being in a confined space. It's also a great locale for a teen supers game.

Blacksteel said...

Sure, I get why a b-ball court might show up in a game - I just don't see much need for a tactical map of what is probably the flattest, most open piece of ground you will find. It's right up there next to "parking lot"