Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Update

Lots of non-gaming stuff going on around here but not as much dice-throwing. Not a ton of tabletop gaming but hopefully now that football season is winding down that will change. The blog is largely driven by what I'm running and playing and when it dies down I have less to say here.

  • The main game, the 4E Rad Hand of Doom has seriously stalled out. Players have had other obligations and I have had a few of those myself. We've gone from a pace of 2-3 sessions a month earlier this year to about once a month. With the holidays coming up I'd like to think that will give us all some time to get back on track but in the past it has usually meant more schedule disruption. There's not that much left to do to finish the adventure and wrap up heroic tier so hopefully we can get a few more sessions in before the end of the year.
  • The Pathfinder campaign has completed 3 sessions and has missed a few dates too, one due to Apprentice Twilight's birthday party. Not as worried about this as there are fewer schedules to coordinate.
  • The once-in-a-while Next/M&M/Marvel/ICONS/Stonehell/Deadlands games have petered out completely this month as divergent schedules have left us very little time where at least two of them and me are in the house at the same time with several hours free. This part probably will pick up with the holidays, it's really just a question of what to focus on.
  • Even 40K has hit a dry spell but that too will likely clear up with some time off for Thanksgiving.
We have managed to work in plenty of high school football games, halloween, some birthdays, some movies, and family stuff both happy and less so. While it's good to have kids and friends who have actual lives it's tricky to manage the hobby time around it sometimes. More to come.

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