Friday, October 25, 2013

40K Fridays - Status Update

It's been really light around here when it comes to 40K specifically and miniatures in general. Weeknights are busy with homework, college research, homecoming stuff, Halloween prep, and all of the other routine things we all deal with. With the Pathfinder game kicking off I've been spending a lot of time catching up on 3 years of Pathfinder releases and that has squeezed my 40K reading/research time too. I have enough of a painting backlog that I decided to skip the second Reaper Bones kickstarter because even a year from now I expect to have unpainted armies - bleah.

So the Marine Codex is out - I haven't picked it up yet. It's probably going to happen this weekend and you can expect a report on it shortly after - maybe next Friday. Heck, it might even let me get the Crimson Fists on the table again.

Sisters of Battle are out as a digital-only codex now. I think it's cool that they are giving them some decent up-to-date rules support but they aren't getting new mini's and they aren't getting a print book - this is strictly a "maintenance release" to allow owners of existing armies to keep playing. It's not the best solution, but hey, it is better than they have handled this kind of thing in the past.

Finally these "codex supplements" (or the announcements/rumors of them at least) keep coming out faster than I can keep up with. Most of them are digital-only and at $39.99 for a digital "supplement" I am extremely reluctant to embrace this particular "future".  The print versions are $50 for 72 pages, and the special limited edition is a bargain at $100! Remember that this is on top of the $50 army codex that you need to use these specialized sub-armies. I'm sure they are aimed at the hardcore/long time player but man ... that's a lot of $$$ for rules and fluff to run one force. Love the concept, hate the pricing.

For the rest of this year we have the Tyranids, then next year we have Orks, Guard, and maybe Space Wolves early on - well we have 3 of those 4 armies in this house so that's positive movement for us.

More to come

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