Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Planning

So we're trying a new schedule here for the summer. Hopefully it will give us more time with the Apprentices or at least let us do a little more while they're here. Besides various outside stuff (and work and band practice and drama stuff and soccer camp) Game-wise this is how things look at the moment:

  • I'd like to have a "main" rpg for them for the summer, maybe on a fixed night. I'm leaning towards Stonehell for this as I think a megdungeon fits well with the time and schedule we have.
  • Alternate RPG's will probably be M&M3, Marvel, or ICONS, it will just depend on the mood and what I have prepared.
  • Minis will be 40K, hopefully at least a couple of times a month. They should have more time to paint and more interest in painting if we're playing more. I'm not sure if we will resurrect our Tranicos campaign or just improvise.
  • Online I think we will be exploring Neverwinter, with some Star Trek and Star Wars in the mix too.
I also suspect that some new obsession will grab hold and take up some of this time as well. Deathwatch was noticed again recently, as was Deadlands, so either of those might make a comeback. One interesting thing is that we could theoretically play several times a week, setting up the possibility of starting and finishing and adventure for one game one week, then doing something else the next. I have to think about that one some more. It's been a little slow around here lately so there hasn't been as much to post but I expect that to change shortly.

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WQRobb said...

Sounds pretty ambitious.