Friday, June 21, 2013

40K Fridays - Army Distractions

So I had my plan all set - finish building out and updating my main vanilla marine army - and that had been going well. Then Apprentice Blaster had to get the new Eldar codex. It's very pretty. The twinges start.

I see that shiny new Tau codex and think "I don't have an army wit ha white paint scheme - I bet a white tau army would look really good. "

I take a look at my armies and think "ya know, for all the marines running around the house I do not have any Blood Angels and I do have these spare tac marines ... and a dread ... and an old BA sergeant
 ... hmmmm."

We start planning to play a few games with the new space elves and Apprentice Who wants in and he likes "big monsters". I look over Tyranids but I'd be starting from scratch with them as I have never played that army. Still, they do have the "big monster" thing. I listen to a few podcasts and battle reports and ... they just don't do it for me. Since I'm going to be funding this I need to have some interest in them and I just can't get much going over these guys.

Yep, looks pretty good

I take a look at Chaos Daemons and they too have a lot of big monsters, but they have a lot of special rules, special cases, special everything - if he's going to learn the game I need something a little less ... special. I do have mini's for this at least, but I think these guys are a much better second army than a first. Besides, turning the 10-year-old loose with a Bloodthirster in his first army is likely to get him punched in the face by one of the brothers and nobody wants that.

This brings me back around to Chaos Marines - they have big monsters, from daemon princes to dreadnoughts to the new 'fiends to the dragon. Plus they don't have a ton of special rules, at least not much that deviates from how most armies operate. I have a pretty good sized force I've been building over the years, and I could use some of my spare loyalist marines as well. Rather than starting up Blood Angels, I could just expand my CSM's and split off a force for Who when he's ready. So that's what we're playing this weekend and hopefully it all goes well. Plus it gives me a reason to work on my Chaos Marines some more.

Besides, I don't want any old models in my future Blood Angels army ..

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