Sunday, April 28, 2013

X is for the X-Wife!

Oh, you're going to think this one is mine, but today's hero is a guest star courtesy of Lady Blacksteel! This is a character thought-up, designed, and played by her in City of Heroes. I did the ICONS conversion as she has not tried to play her there yet, but she approved it before publication.

Psycho X-Wife……In today’s world chances are you know one, you have one, or you are one.  She’s attractive and usually very well dressed.  She will either flash you a smile capable of charming a snake or she will glare at you, with her eyes glowing like lasers, as if she is attempting to carve your heart out.  She might have at one time been the woman of your dreams, the one you would do anything for but something changed as quickly as a light being switched on and off and she is now your worst nightmare come to life.  The once smiling bride that couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with you now only lives to make your life as miserable as she possibly can.   

Foolish, foolish gangers

Psycho X-Wife has several personalities.  She can be a calm, cool, well-liked business woman.  Steadily moving up the corporate ladder all while calmly stepping over the cold, lifeless bodies of her co-workers that she has shoved off that same ladder along the way.  She can sometimes be sweeter than honey to everyone, including you.  This typically happens when she wants something from you and of course you fall for it every single time, because her mind control powers are just that strong.  She does a nice job of keeping the crazy in her tucked away and out of sight most of the time.  This is how she catches people of guard.  They’ve all heard the outlandish stories about how her head spins around like the woman in the Exorcist movie but they can’t believe that this attractive, smiling, sweetheart of a woman could possibly be capable of inflicting the kind of chaos, pain, and heartache that has been described.  Then one day, they find themselves on the wrong side of her split personality and learn the hard way that Psycho X-Wife is not someone to be trifled with.

Look how cute she is ...

Psycho X-Wife (Primary Form) for ICONS

PDF link is here

Prowess: 3 (Typical) - Just an average girl
Coordination: 4 (Good) - She does alright here
Strength: 3 (Typical) - In good shape
Intellect: 5 (Excellent) - Sharp, very sharp
Awareness: 6 (Remarkable) - She doesn't miss as much as you wish she would
Willpower: 10 (Unearthly) - You're not going to win, just accept it

Stamina: 13
Determination: 1

Origin: Birthright
Specialties: Law Expert, Deception Expert

Alter-Ego - She changes when she gets mad 

Supersenses 2 - Enhanced Hearing, Extended Hearing

Telepathy 5 - You always suspected she could do this - now you know!

Mind Control 7 - You already knew she could do this and yes it is a superpower

Teamed up with Draco Rex - he's probably safe ...

Catchphrase: "You Jerk!"  - this also transforms her into her Fighting Mad form

Epithet: "The Psycho (X-Wife)" - She earned this one

Connections: Hometown Legal Community - lawyers, judges, bailiffs, bondsmen, process servers - she is friends with most, enemies with a few, and knows a lot of people in this area.

Fiery Heroes vs. Snow monster!

"Irresistible" - it's a real burden to be this attractive and successful! So many people just don't understand!

Enemy: "That Guy" - Have fun with this. Make it a different guy every time. Ex's, lawyers, reporters, etc.

Psycho X-Wife (Fighting Mad Form) for ICONS

PDF link is here

Prowess: 5 (Excellent) - Her rage gives her power!
Coordination: 5 (Excellent) - She moves faster!
Strength: 5 (Excellent) - Rage makes her stronger!
Intellect: 4 (Good) - Less time thinking more time fighting!
Awareness: 6 (Remarkable) - She doesn't miss as much as you wish she would
Willpower: 10 (Unearthly) - You're not going to win, just accept it

Stamina: 15
Determination: 3

Origin: Birthright
Specialties: Deception Expert, Acrobatics, Martial Arts Expert

Force Field 5 "Shield of Burning Anger" - A visible, purple flame surrounds her form

Aura 5 "Raging Aura - Do Not Touch Me! - That visible purple flame burns ...

Unearthly Uberman AND Psycho X-Wife? Oh No!

Catchphrase: "No One Does That To Me And Gets Away With It!" - for her, every fight is personal

Epithet: "The Psycho (X-Wife)" - She earned this one

Look Out Villains!
"Berserker" - She's eager to start fights and loath to finish them

"Impulsive" - In this form, besides fighting, her standard procedure is to act first and think later. Delayed gratification is a foreign concept. This is how some of those "Enemies" are generated.

Enemy: "That Guy" - Have fun with this. Make it a different guy every time. Ex's, lawyers, reporters, etc.

That Trenchcoated B**** took down Blue Aluminum Man! Now she's REALLY Mad!

Notes: This is my first "Alter Ego" character but it seemed like the most appropriate way to handle her. She has a normal-looking (though super-powered) form, then she flips out, little horns sprout from her head, and purple flames start burning around her. She's a perfect manipulative mentalist in her primary, then for the secondary she turns into a pretty vicious melee combatant and with 15 Stamina and 3 points of Determination she will be all over the enemy for as long as it takes! At 50 points she's not ridiculously costed either.

For some added fun, giver her a base and some vehicles themed for other heroes and villains - maybe she lives in Scorpion Manor, has the Jaguarmobile in her garage, and the Silver Shark's submarine out at the marina. You know, people change ...

She's the hero the city ... well, frankly no one really deserves that ...


Barking Alien said...

This one...genius. I love it.

Clarissa Draper said...

X-Wife? Wow, that should be one of the meanest villains out there.

Blacksteel said...

Thanks BA!

Ms Draper - When she first created this character I asked her - are you sure this is a hero? You could play villains in the game and rob banks and stuff, but she insisted she was on the side of good.

I suppose there are other examples - when you look at Namor, the Punisher, Booster Gold, and even Wolverine there's all kinds of bad attitude and bad behavior among superheroes, it's just that it's rare to see it in a female character.

That said I don't think this character really needs much to change to switch sides.