Saturday, March 9, 2013

Super Saturday - Old Marvel in New Marvel

Over at Plot Points, an excellent site for the MWP Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, they have come up with a conversion of the old Universal Table from TSR's Marvel Super Heroes. This thing:

Remember that? The article and MHRP version is here.

Honestly it's not something I was looking for but the cleverness in adapting it over is pretty impressive. I am perfectly comfortable running the Apprentices thru some old Marvel one week and then running some new Marvel another week so it's not a big deal to us one way or another.That said it makes me happy to see someone digging in to the mechanics of both games and seeing what they can come up with.

 It may well be an answer to a question not many were asking, but it's cool nonetheless.

Oh, also they have a pretty solid review of Annihilation (that I talked about last week) so if you're interested take a look here.

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