Monday, March 4, 2013

Mystery Map

This was a surprise bonus extra in the Undermountain II set I picked up last weekend. I know it's a map of Blackmoor, I just don't know where it originated. Anyone out there know?



Greg Johnston said...

Interesting find! Sadly, my Google-fu has failed me.

Random Wizard said...

Looks like the map from DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor, but the colours seem off.

Blacksteel said...

Alright I'm an idiot - it is the DA1 map - why did I not remember that? I saw your comment, went and checked my copy, and there it is.

I assumed it wasn't a TSR map because they rarely put numbered hexes on their maps - that was more of a judges' guild thing in my experience, but there it is. Ah well.