Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Overreaction Wednesday

With EN World still under some kind of hacker attack there's a little less community out there this week. A couple of D&D-related tidbits:

  • With the coming hardback compilation of S1-4 I went back and looked over my copy of Realms of Horror, the older S1-4 compilation, and there was no effort at all in that to link the 4 adventures together. I believe the A1-4 compilation made some effort at this (I don't have a copy of it) and I was wondering if either hardback would contain any of that extra material. In the case of the S modules, clearly not as it does not exist. For the A modules, I'm guessing "no" because people may prefer the original text.
  • Dungeon 209 (the December issue) apparently will include a 4E version of Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - might have to look at that one.
  • Dragon 417 (also December) will have a couple of articles on the tarrasque - this interests me also. I've never used it, but I used Godzilla in a Champions campaign once and as a fan of the giant monster genre I am always interested in more material on that kind of thing.
  • Update on the class mechanics for D&D Next here. My lack of playtesting this round limits what I can say here, but it's good to see that the effort continues.
Final Note: As I was writing this Lady Blacksteel commented on the cover pic up above. Looking at that cover again I know where the skull, the armor*, and the dracolisk come from but I don't think there's a female vampire in S2. There is a vampire, but Ctenmiir is a boy vampire and even for an 80's product she definitely appears to be a girl. It wouldn't be a bad idea to mix it up considering the majority-male parties I see but I've never noticed this apparent gap before.

*"no boys that's a suit of magical armor, it would be silly to put a robot on the cover of a D&D adventure" he said as he put the book away, trying to avoid spoiling a classic module that they will someday experience firsthand.


Timothy Brannan said...

The female vampire is Drelzna from S4. Though in the module she is wearing head to toe full plate armor.

Blacksteel said...

Alright that makes some sense but if that's true then how does S2 fit in? I thought the reptilian head was the dracolisk from S4 but maybe not.

Timothy Brannan said...

S2 is White Plume Mountain, so the volcano at the bottom.

Blacksteel said...

Alright, now I feel really dumb

Barking Alien said...
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Barking Alien said...

love the Tarrasque.Wish I could find my buddy's old drawing of it from when it appeared in our campaign.

We mixed obscure info from the original Tarrasque mythology with obscure info from Toho Kaiju movies to create what was later viewed by my players as, "The day Galactus tried to eat our campaign world."