Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Quick (Critical) Hit: A Podcast

Just a short one today - there is a very good 4th Edition D&D podcast that I want to share.


It focuses on actual play but there are some side episodes that discuss some mechanics and some of the metagame choices made by the DM and the players. Some of the things I like:

  • The DM is very patient and is clearly having a good time
  • The players come together in the first few episodes as their characters join the adventure and they get along very well
  • It's not a polished example of play - they forget things pretty regularly and admit that freely, so it sounds like a real group actually playing and not a script-reading.
  • It's newbie-friendly - things are explained as they come up, whether it's mechanics, D&D-isms, or story elements of the campaign.
  • The episodes tend to be around an hour long, up to about an hour and a half and that's exactly what I want from a podcast. I don't get the 3-4 hour marathon shows that some podcasts release on a weekly to biweekly basis. Pace yourselves, do some editing, cut one sessions into multiple shows - just don't drop 200+minutes of unbroken running show on us constantly. Critical Hit has a very good sense of when to break up a session
I am about 30 episodes in and I am really enjoying it so far. They're up to about 150 shows now so I have not heard the most recent material, but I figure 30+ shows of consistent quality is good enough to share. I thought the campaign premise was pretty interesting so I recommend that you start with Episode 1 and go from there.

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