Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Overreaction Wednesday

Not on the list...
Monsters are discussed here. There's not much to it but there's a survey here:

If you want to have some input, there's a nice easy way to have some - especially you fellow DM's.

Ahh, my old friend...

Here's a discussion of playing with and without mini's complete with a description of play I'm pretty sure I've read before. There's a survey on it too, but it's only one question.,_the_grid,_and_points_between

It's not as bad here but there does seem to be a prevailing opinion that if you use mini's then you automatically prefer detailed tactical rules. This is not always the case because we were using mini's way back with AD&D when there were not a lot of detailed tactical rules - facing was about it, nothing comparable to 4E's battle maneuvers. This does impact the rules however because if you assume a grid is part of the game then you can add all kinds of mechanical options that interact with it. Without it, sure, the game will play faster, but it severely limits what kinds of rules you can build into the game. That said, if they start with "theater of the mind" as the default assumption, and add a detailed grid-based module later, I can probably live with that. I expect my 4E campaigns will run well past the launch of Next anyway, so it's not super-critical to me.

Here's a discussion about colors and D&D...and a survey asking what color the logo should be. They are really taking this player feedback thing pretty seriously eh?

Rule of Three answers some pretty mundane questions this week, no strong feelings about any of them here.

Not a lot of excitement this week. If you're let down by this take a look here. If you haven't seen it before you will like it; if you have it's probably been awhile and worth watching again.

That's all for today!

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