Friday, April 20, 2012

40K Friday: The Fighting Tigers of Veda

This post is in recognition of a man who is as motivated and dedicated to a concept as anyone I've seen in gaming circles. His site has been on the net for over a decade and is still updated regularly.

This is an example of what you will see:

The creativity to come up with the backstory and details that he has written up for his chapter is more than I have seen for some entire role playing campaigns - just check out the Codex. The dedication to stick with it for two decades  (plus) sends it over the top. I know he started playing around the same time I did - when 40K first came out - so this is not a one-off burst of creativity - this is a sustained run that few of us experience.

I've considered painting up a squad of tiger marines to let them make a guest appearance in some of my games but I don't know that it would feel right. If I ever run a Deathwatch campaign though, you can bet they will be making an appearance of some kind. They may show up in the next Sci-FI or Supers game I run if I need a fighting force from a distant world.

I especially like the white tiger terminators - that is too cool...
Anyway, when I started awakening the troops again this was one of the first sites I checked and yep, it's still there and still seeing updates so I wanted to give it a tip of the iron helmet and pass it along to anyone else who might be interested and inspired by its greatness.


Chris Wellings said...

Wow! I had completely forgotten about that site. Hats off to the chap!

Blacksteel said...

It's been around so long you might assume it's long gone but it's not!