Friday, March 16, 2012

Campaign Shuffle - Exit Star Wars

I started the Star Wars campaign with good intentions - I really like the Saga edition system and think it would be great for a long campaign. Choosing to run the Dawn of Defiance made it easy enough to get started and there is a ton of supporting material on the web now as it's been out for several years and run by many GM's. Unfortunately I'm not sure I will ever get to run it.

Our main group hasn't been able to gather for over a month which is a long break for us. The thought was that I would run Star Wars while one of my regular players ran his own D&D game on a different night as I didn't see much point in two D&D campaigns running at the same time. Well, he hasn't been able to run either so instead of two ongoing campaigns we've been left with none, and D&D overlap is not an issue.

I am once again reminded that D&D is our main game, and it's pretty much assumed that we will have a D&D game for sure, plus whatever else we can work in on the side. An additional factor is that the Old Republic MMO is scratching the Star Wars itch for some of my players, lessening the interest in the tabletop campaign. I felt the general sense of "we should be playing D&D" over the internet waves and made the offer to switch.

So, tomorrow we start a new D&D campaign. Yes, it's 4th edition. No, it's not a continuation of Return to the Ruins of Adventure and no it's not Temple of Elemental Evil 4E Thread 2. More details next week.


Barking Alien said...

No no! Now's the perfect time to try Marvel Heroic!

This plug is in no way related to my extreme interest in Marvel Heroic and rather strong disinterest in D&D. In no way.

Blacksteel said...

Oh I would like to, and I suggested it as a one-shot for this weekend but There Must Be A D&D Game Running.

More on Marvel next week - we played it and the Apprentices loved it. It's been a good week here.

Barking Alien said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear about it.