Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blogonomic Slowdown

Well with the kids deployed to various other houses and much holiday shopping in the evenings there hasn't been much actual gaming to report.With a need for a new "main" campaign, and the possibilitiy of doing a game a month with the Apprentices next year I've been digging through the shelves and burning through game books like a madman. Deadlands (SW), Traveller (Mongoose), Shadowrun (3E), GURPS (4E), Warhammer FRP (2E) and even Pendragon have all been seeing some daylight. I even finally broke down and picked up Dark Sun for 4E and it's on the stack now too. I'll probably put up some thoughts about each of these (the ones I haven't already anyway) as far as strengths, weaknesses, and what kind of campaign I might run. It's not super crunchy I know, but it's what I have right now. There's also a set of games that I've mostly ignored that are looming as extremely likely possibilities to show up in a big way too.

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Barking Alien said...

I've been doing some gaming but yeah, with the typical holiday busy-ness, work and other concerns, blogging has really fallen by the wayside.

Happy Holidays to you and the 'Family Blacksteel'.