Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Qualities for Icons That You May Recognize

A different take this time. You may scoff at the source but slogans are driven into people's brain and millions of dollars are spent to do it because they work! If some of the players and the DM already have some pictures in their heads tied to a catchy phrase, why not use that for our own purposes?

Engineered Like No Other Car in the World - change "Car" to "Battlesuit" or "Robot" or "Clay Golem" or anything else you can think of and I would tag this one anytime I took a serious beating - DM: "You're armor fails and you're uconscious" - Titanium Titan: "but wait, it's Engineered Like No Other Armor in the World!" - Ta daaaaa! Thank you, thank you. You could have a lot of fun playing this up too - "Wow that's some really nice plating there" or "Triple-redundancy in the power relays eh?" and that kind of thing. It gives you superiority when the monthly armored heroes club meeting rolls around. Unless somebody else takes...

The Ultimate Driving Machine - change "Driving" to "Armored" or "Fighting" or "Speed" and you have some bragging rights with this one too. To keep them separated conceptually I would look at ELNOCITW as more defensive/materials type superiority and TUDM as more of performance or functional superiority. Titan's suit may be tougher, but Ironhead's suit just works and it's faster/shootier/better in some way than any other. I think as long as there is a mechanical element to the character then either of these works well. It's a versatile Quality too as more than just functional superiority it implies a reputaiton as well! When Karateka Robotika cuts loose the thugs may have to make a Willpower check because he is widely known as the Ultimate Fighting Machine.

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection - You are a techie hero. You suffer a setback or are even defeated because of some weakness in your tech. Tag RPOP for a point to overcome this problem as you would "never stand for leaving that kind of flaw unattended to". The DM might have you make a roll to overcome this - bargain and see if he'll give you two points for it - remember you are Relentless - it says so right there on your sheet. This might even work for non-tech heroes if it was redirected at an over-planning type - "where did my plan go wrong?" and that kind of thing.

We Build Excitement - Some heroes are natural celebrities, justified or not. For a hero with this quality, wherever he goes, whatever he does, people are interested. Reporters show up whenever he is in public - crowds gather, vid is taken, twitter is abuzz. This implies a very public persona. There's a lot of old school Tony Stark here, and a lot of Fantastic Four movie Johnny Storm here too. Rock Star/Reality Star is a good real-world model to follow here. Lord forbid multiple characters with this quality get together...Uses: It's basically impossible to become lost or stranded with this quality. It's incredibly easy to publicize any kind of information imaginable as even the outlandish or implausible will at the very least be repeated/reported. Getting in touch with another celebirty is as easy as mentioning it to a fan or reporter or blogger. One downside is that any super-fights will probably have to happen near some bystanders. They may scatter but they WILL return - that's just how it works.

Interlude: I would submit that the Iron Man movies' Tony Stark has all 4 of the above qualities. Discuss, then continue:

The Heartbeat of America - this character embodies the qualities associated with "America" in a traditional patriotic sense, the hero is in tune with those qualities and is known for them. Tagging this one could involve patriotic symbols, "doing the right thing", and "The American  Way". It's probably best for a high-profile character.

Quality is Job 1 - You are all about quality, in this case getting it right the first time. Fail a talent roll? Tag this and roll again! I would direct it towards talents and attributes more than straight-up powers as it's hard to have a focus on quality with your teleport or energy blast but it makes sense with a science skill, detective work, or inventing things.

The Standard of the World - this one comes with a lot of baggage and there's not much room for multiples. For a DC example it's Superman. For marvel we might focus it a bit and say Doctor Doom on the bad side and maybe Reed Richards on the good side. For heroes it means you are the one they all count on when things get as bad as they can get, the last hope. For villains it means that if you're involved then it's a Big Deal. To tag this the stakes need to be high and everything should be on the line and you're responsibility, your place in the world, your history - all of that should be coming to the fore.