Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mayhem is coming ... for ICONS

A supervillain on the rise, the being known only as "Mayhem" is showing up everywhere these days. Always unshaven, always wearing a black suit, and often sporting visible evidence of his prior actions, he appears to be a typical human - but he is so much more...

Form of - a flag!

Prowess - 3 (Typical) He does not appear to be a trained fighter

Coordination - 4 (Good) Decent agility and dexterity

Strength - 4 (Good) Decent physical strength

Intellect - 6 (Remarkable) Mayhem seems to know exactly what he needs to know

Awareness - 8 (Amazing) He is extrememly aware of everything going on around him and extremely difficult  to surprise

Willpower - 9 (Monstrous) Mayhem is nearly impossible to control, persuade, or redirect

Stamina - 13

Form of...a football player!
Determination - X - however much the DM says.

Origin - Unknown

Specialties - none

Transformation - 8 - Any form

Shrinking - 7 - Down to 1 inch in size

Growth - 3 - Up to 15 feet in size

Immortality - Yep.

Form of... a blind spot!

"Force of Nature" - he is always up to something, following an agenda known only to himself. If his current action is thwarted he will move on to the next one. He is nearly impossible to reason with. Even if defeated physically his Immortality means he will eventually return.

"Agent of Chaos" - he seems to strike randomly, with little to no warning, amd with no discrernable pattern. He does not concoct elaborate schemes, plans, or deathtraps. He moves in, acts, and leaves.

"Indirect" - Mayhem does not walk up and hit someone. He takes the shape of a tree limb and drops onto their car, or chews a hole in their roof, or drives erratically in front of his target, causing an accident.

Form of... a raccoon!
DM Notes: OK I'm having a little fun with this one, but if you need a random encounter one night, here he is and it's perfectly in character! Let the players see a guy in a suit walk by and interfere with an NPC or a girlfriend or just a random bystander and see what happens! See how they deal with a fairly non-violent opponent who can still mess up their plans. It should be quite a bit of fun, especially if they recognize him. He won't completely ignore them, maybe giving a nod to them as he walks by, intent on his target. After carrying out his plan, he straightens his tie and walks away. If they interfere, then things get interesting - let them start having "accidents" in the form of a shapechanged Mayhem. Play it out and then let them off the hook before it gets stake.

Form of...a texting teenage girl driver!


bliss_infinte said...

Once I figured out he was Liz Lemon's ex I started to love these commercials.

Great inspiration for a villain.

John said...

The Blind spot - My daughter and I rewind it 20 times each time it comes on. We're dying from laughter until the Wife makes us stop watching it. One of the best ad campaigns ever.

Jeremy said...

Weakness: Being in Good Hands.

Blacksteel said...

I think the spots have gotten stronger - that one where he's a raccooon played in front of a bunch of movies this summer at the theater but we still laughed at it every single time. I thought he would make a good drop-in and certain groups would appreciate it for what it is.