Friday, September 10, 2010

Accidental Rebels - Session 2

This was a short session but it served to get the thing back on track after a month-long layoff. The heroes begin back in the detention center. Last session, Walex opened the turboshaft doors despite the lack of power only to be attacked by an interrogation droid which the rest of the party quickly dispatched. Now the party decides to climb down the shaft to try and head for the hangar bay where they hope to find the wookie smuggler's ship and escape.

Moving downward they cross several areas of no-power, survive some bounces and bumps as the ship suffers more explosions, and eventually find a door they can open. Moving forward they find the rooms and corridors beyond deserted, not something they expected on a star destroyer.

Eventually they find a computer terminal and tap in, pulling up a schematic of the ship and some status reports describing the amount of damage the ship has sustained - it is massive. They also find that the ship has been set to self-destruct in 3 hours. This new information spurs them to action - find the hangar bay!

As they hurry off, Walex notes that he could modify the self-destruct system to go off sooner than the imperials expect but the rest of the group looks at him like he's crazy - trapped on a burning crippled star destroyer that's rigged to blow and you want to speed that up? There are no buyers for what he's selling.

The nearest downward passage goes through engineering and the group passes perilously close to one of the sublight engines which is on fire. Moving carefully they avoid any incidents, sealing a door behind them just as the engine explodes

Moving through this new level the group is startled when a mouse droid wheels around the corner and squeaks at them. It's promptly blasted into fragments by the pirate and the jedi then stomped on by the wookie, thoroughly squashing the hapless bot. But a short time later as they move through an intersection they hear a noise behind them and turn to see a squad of stormtroopers fanning out across the corridor behind them...

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