Monday, May 17, 2010

And another note on new editions - of everything

I was catching up on Warhammer news over the weekend (yes I play the Games Workshop stuff too) and apparently Warhammer 8th edition is due out in July. Great. I've been playing since 2nd edition back in 1984 and I think my playing time peaked with 4th edition (1992-1996) and has been decreasing with every edition since, despite having more armies to play with.

So I might need to temper my RPG edition unhappiness - at least we haven't run through 8 editions of D&D since 1982 like we have with Warhammer.


Mike said...

I haven't played WHFB since like 3rd edition but the later editions are all fairly compatible -- much more like the differences between AD&D 1 & 2 than the difference between 2&3 or 3&4. The biggest change was dropping Cool, Will Power, and Intelligence, which were somewhat redundant anyway.

Blacksteel said...

It's not the main game rule changes so much as those vary in scope each time although 8th makes some fairly big ones = it's the army list changes that really hurt. Troop types appear and disappear, chaos is split into 2 separate armies then into 3 separate armies, and the usefulness of units that aren't removed is modified apparently at a whim. I've at least learned that if a unit is gimped in edition X, then I just put t on a shelf for a few years as odds are that it will be good to great again in edition X+1.