Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plans for the Campaign

The plan for now is this:

1) Finish the starter dungeon - this will take awhile longer if I use "In Search of the Forgotten City" (which is available on Dragonsfoot) which is en expansion to this same dungeon.

2) Head for the Haunted Keep and the expansion which is also available on Dragonsfoot.

3) Head to the Keep on the Borderlands - I mean it's required - this is a training game and it's the ultimate starter module!

They can do the Keep and the Haunted Keep in order really. I envision the Haunted Keep and the town of threshold as a side trip on the road to the Keep right now. After running around in these basic modules I think they will be up around 3rd-5th level and ready for the OTHER classic from this time:

4) Set sail for the Isle of Dread!

After this we will see which characters are still alive and what the party wants to do - maybe Xanathon or the Desert nomads series, maybe the insanity of Castle Amber, maybe some Judges Guild stuff.

I will add in some small homebrew adventures and maybe some JG material at the earlier levels as needed, and we may end up with 2 different parties running around for a while, but as long as they are enjoying it I will keep doing it.

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